Why DisputesEfiling.com?

DisputesEfiling is a complete ADR solution. All prices are fixed and include: consultancy, customisation, training and support. DisputesEfiling allows tribunals, practitioners and the parties to conveniently and confidently store case information in secure, encrypted servers based in England. We offer the convenience of being able to securely access your case information from any location on any device.

Here is why you should use the DisputesEfiling service:

  • Collaborative: the only Platform in the world which allows all parties, their representatives, experts and the Tribunal to collaborate around a common interface.
  • Scalable: we provide Platforms for the smallest schemes to the largest.
  • User friendly: our extensive market research and specialist focus groups ensure that we provide the functionality users want!
  • Safe: We are GDPR compliant with frequent automated back-ups and updates that ensure your data is secure and available 24/7. Read more in our data security statement.
  • Built with experience: our team has many years of hands-on experience delivering legal solutions.
  • Convenient: integrates with in-house case management systems.

Some of the unique functions available as standard within our fixed fees:

  • instruct experts directly from the Platform
  • conduct pre-action protocol work
  • commence evaluations, mediations or arbitrations
  • Convert cases from one form of online ADR to another and back again, all at the click of a switch!

Our business works harder to make your business easier:

  • The Platform is fully customised to meet your business requirements and can adopt your branding, logos and providing the functionality your users require. No strait jacket software on our Platform!
  • Feeds available across a wide range of data sets all capable of being configured for your requirements. Please ask us to quote for your data analytic requirements.
  • Beyond industry standard support offered by our Support Centre.
  • DisputesEfiling is the only Cloud based collaborative platform facilitating the entire dispute resolution process for all sides. Request a free demonstration to see for yourself how easy it is to work safely, quickly and without fear of data protection fines!

Trusted by the best:

The DisputesEfiling platform is used and recommended by:
  • Queens Counsel
  • Leading firms of solicitors
  • PI Claim Arbitration Service
  • Trust Mediation
  • NHS Resolution
  • AXA Insurance
  • Independent Evaluation
  • C-ADR
  • Frenkel Topping