Data feeds for effective Management Information (MI)

The One Platform enables data streaming in real-time or at intervals pre-determined by you providing the best management information enabling more effective supervision, management and growth.

Key features:

A unique resource

Data is crucial to planning yet there is very limited management information about civil claims collected or made available:

  • MoJ quarterly statistics for the number of claims issued
  • The CRU statistics of claims made and settled
  • Not much else

The One Platform can fill this data vacuum by providing rich feeds of MI data when you want and how you want at the touch of your fingertips. Comprehensive data from across your civil litigation activity and all unavailable from HMCTS or any other source.

Whether you are a firm of solicitors, insurer, defence organisation this unique data set can transform your organisation’s business management and planning

  • Cycle times as an aggregate of all claim types or by claim type
  • Claim types by number and value
  • Claim values vs. settlement values
  • Litigant behaviour data
  • Disposal hearing durations

Available anywhere, anytime (internet connection permitting)

Our innovative approach to MI data enables access to proprietary data for controlled internal-only consumption. Subscribers can access data from any office worldwide, quickly and securely. Locally published data is distributed to authorised subscribers anywhere.

Effective control and cost-efficiency

Only those users you validate and authorise can access the subscribed data-feeds we provide. This enables you to manage the access to your data effectively and to understand how to allocate the costs of that data to the relevant users/departments.

Data in real-time or at other pre-determined intervals

You need the right data delivered fast to effectively coordinate and execute your business growth. The One Platform delivers all the machine-readable data you need to get an edge; from micro-data for individual claim types to macro-strategic feeds illuminating how the market is moving and what claim sectors are being targeted all provided via clean, consistent data sets covering everything your MI team needs.