What our users say

“a work of genius”

Tim Wallis, Chairman Trust Mediation


“The service meets a high level of security, and the transparency and engagement you have shown has been excellent.”

Graham Thomson, Chief Information Security Officer of Irwin Mitchell LLP recently reviewed the Platform’s security arrangements


“Working with the DisputesEfiling team has been a seamless experience. They are pragmatic and do not blind you with IT gobbledegook, preferring to explain complex issues in language even Queen’s Counsel can understand.

DisputesEfiling strive fully to understand one’s aims and in our case delivered the platofmr on time despite a tight timetable.”

Andrew Ritchie, QC – founder of PIcArbs


“PIcArbs Arbitration should be used more in catastrophic injuries cases”

David Fisher speaking at the APIL Brain and Spinal injuries conference 2018


“You should be using PIcArbs arbitration“

Colin Ettinger speaking at the APIL Brain and Spinal injuries conference 2018


"This was the first time we had used the PIcArbs Arbitration System, it was a refreshing change to the usual litigation process. Access to the Arbitrator was quick and efficient. We found that it promoted negotiation between the parties which resulted in a sensible and open claim’s process. We would be more than happy to submit future claims through this Arbitration process and we thank Mr Rowley QC for his prompt and supportive responses to the party’s queries."

Lisa Smith - Barrister - Thorneycroft Solicitors



Julienne Vernon - Head of Claims Quality - NHS Resolution